A Gummy Smile

A gummy smile, as it is termed, is where a person shows teeth, including a more than normal amount of gum (red soft tissue) when smiling. This can have an effect on a person’s  self esteem and confidence. This can even lead to people being shy and more introverted.

There are a few causes of a  gummy smile. Just to mention the most probable causes: it can be that the existing teeth are too short ; or that there is an excess of gum due to certain medicines or late eruption of teeth; high lip line or mouth breathing. There are a several treatment options from a conservative to more invasive approach, depending on the cause of the gummy smile.

A treatment option would be to lengthen the teeth by sculpting some of the gum; or by applying BotoxR, the smile line can be adjusted showing less gum; removing the excess gum tissue etc.

To determine the cause of the gummy smile a clinical dental check up will be required. Thereafter the specific treatment best suited to you can be discussed.

Hopefully this has given you a short insight into how that  GUMMY SMILE can be treated. Please contact us if you have any questions

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Smile Connection dental team